Private Collections 

The best collections are ordered, carefully selected, and garner a sense of intimacy.  Art is personal and connection is essential when building a collection.  We offer new and seasoned collectors alike a variety of opportunities for personal engagement through private walkthroughs, studio visits, and curated salons.  We thoroughly research all potential acquisitions to ensure our clients are well informed and their collecting decisions are purposeful and lasting.  We travel internationally following the art fair circuit, monitor auctions, and visit artists’ studios regularly to keep our clients aware of the most current happenings as well as the overall landscape of the art globally.

Corporate Clients

Mandana Harman works with corporate clients to develop a collecting strategy that holds both fiscal investment and philanthropic opportunity as paramount for our clients. Our background in brand identity informs building corporate collections based on shared aesthetic sensibility and narrative. 

Art, Architecture, Design Collaborations

Mandana Harman works in collaboration with artists, designers, architects, and curators to produce site specific artwork for residential and corporate projects.  In all projects, we ensure the client and artist vision aligns to create space that is art.